Couples Workshops

Learn core skills to a healthy satisfactory relationship.

Maybe you don’t need in-depth couples counseling, but could benefit from a relationship "tune-up." 

Many couples are looking for practical ways to communicate better, fight fair and keep their relationship fresh and interesting. 

We offer both one and two day workshops that offer practical, yet powerful tools to help you deepen friendship and intimacy, manage conflicts and build a shared life together that is full of purpose and meaning. Whether you need a couples marriage retreat or have heard about the Gottman approach and want to learn more, we invite you to call or e-mail with your questions. 

Our workshops are packed full of information, humor and practical tools that are based in decades of research on couples who are the "masters" of relationship. You'll leave our retreats with confidence that you have the skills you will use for years to come to maintain the gains you can make at the workshop.

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