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Gottman Method Couples Therapy

Gottman Method Couples Therapy
Sinead Smyth, LMFT, is a certified Gottman Method Couples Counseling Trainer and Consultant. Sinead leads Level 1 through Level 3 trainings locally and internationally. Sinead is also certified to work with senior Gottman trained therapists pursuing certification as a Certified Gottman Therapist.  

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Level 1 Clinical Training, Gottman Method Couples Therapy: 
Bridging the Couple Chasm

You will learn about the research and theory underpinning Gottman Method Therapy and sample from some of the core Gottman interventions. You'll see Drs. John and Julie Gottman do therapy with a real couple and demonstrate the core interventions. For more information on Level 1, click here.

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Level 2 Clinical Training, Gottman Method Couples Therapy:
Assessment, Intervention and Co-Morbidities

You will learn in detail how to accurately do assessment with a couple and practice the interventions with other clinicians. You'll also learn how to work more effectively with difficult cases involving affairs, addictions, mood and personality disorders. For more information on Level 2 Training, click here.

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Level 3 Clinical Training, Gottman Method Couples Therapy:
Practicum Training

During this Practicum workshop, you will examine videotaped cases of couples brought in by workshop colleagues. These are used as teaching tools to deepen your understanding of when and how to use various Gottman Method interventions, and how to replace destructive patterns with meaningful interactions. For more information on Level 3 Training, click here.

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Certification Track, Gottman Method Couples Therapy:
Consultation and Video Review

The Certification Track is the final step in the process of Gottman Couples Therapy Training and leads toward certification. The Certification Track entails Consultation with a Senior Certified Gottman Therapist and Video Review.

​We strongly encourage you to enter the Certification Track immediately after completing the Level 3 Practicum Training and begin working with your assigned Consultant. You will have a maximum of two years to enter the Certification Track following your Level 3 training and a maximum of two years to finish the Certification Track upon entering.

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