Intensive Couples Therapy

Accommodate Your Schedule With Consecutive Marathon Sessions

In Intensive Couples Therapy we schedule one or two days of 4-6 hours of therapy each day.

This works especially well for couples traveling long distances or where one or both partners are busy professionals and scheduling regular appointments is difficult. In this format you will have more time to go indepth on restoring and repairing friendship and intimacy and gaining skills to help manage conflict. 

The process involves an initial assessment of your relationship, through interviews and questionnaires, and working off this assessment road map to dive right in to exercises and interventions that are based in research and have been proven to be effective. 

Each couple's treatment is customized to the issues you're dealing with, your own goals for the therapy, and your emotional needs. A one-day intensive is appropriate for couples seeking preventative care, couples with a solid relationship that have some minor issues to work out, and couples interested in premarital preparation. A two-day intensive can be very effective in working on affair recovery or longer standing relationship difficulties.

If you are traveling in for your appointments and further treatment is needed we can either schedule subsequent sessions or will help you connect with a local therapist to further your work.

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Questions About the Intensive Couples Therapy Format?

Because of the condensed nature of this format it may not be appropriate for all situations. The format might feel more intense and sometimes the difficulties between you can be temporarily amplified. Please call one of our therapists if you're unsure whether this approach is right for you. Especially if:

  • There's domestic violence or threats of violence in your relationship
  • There's active alcohol or drug addiction for one or both of you
  • There's an ongoing undisclosed affair that you are not willing disclose
  • There's a serious mental health issue