Familes and Teens

Move from chaos to communication

Families and teens 
I think a dysfunctional family is any family with more than one person in it. -Mary Karr

Transition times like adolescence, blending families or divorce are hard on families. Family therapy can help improve communication and your relationships with each other. With our years of experience working with kids, teens and families, we can help you make sure your family thrives.

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Use Some Gottman Method Principles to Help

  • Help build connection in the family by establishing and refreshing love maps. What is important to your spouse or child now?
  • Share fondness and admiration.  Master the art of appreciation.
  • Turn towards rather than away. Focus on engaging and responding.
  • Examine conflict and and how to use your influence as a parent effectively..
  • Learn how to calm yourself and your child and step away from conflict.
  • Effectively repair when family arguments escalate. 
  • Dream together. Create your definition of family.
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Meet The Challenges Head On

Finding yourself having the same argument over and over again in your family? With your spouse? Your parent?

Stuck in a conflict that seems to never resolve?  It's time to move from gridlock to dialogue.  Just like in couples therapy it's important to remember that the problem doesn't necessarily have to be solved but everyone needs to be heard. As a parent, you are part of the "executive system", this means you set the tone for the relationship. You set the guidelines and rules. You also set the example. Maybe it's time to help your family see how they might move through conflict differently.

We're here to help

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