Couples Therapy

Reconnect and communicate more effectively.

You Are Likely Tired of Fighting In The Relationship.

You probably have tried to solve the issues many times, in different ways. Maybe you're stuck in a cycle of blame, accusation and regret. You may be in a relationship where there has been an affair or other betrayal. Part of you may just want to walk away, but there is part of you that believes you can work it out.

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Just as there may be good reasons to leave the relationship
There are usually compelling reasons to stay.

You have kids, you worry about finances, you've been divorced once already and want to avoid going through that again. Maybe there is love left underneath all that distance and fighting. 

When you think back to the beginning of the relationship, you can remember the good stuff that was there and how positive you felt about each other.

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Gottman Method
Based on Dr. John Gottman's 40+ years of research.

Based on Dr. John Gottman's 40+ years of research with thousands of couples, and the theory that was developed from the research by Drs. John and Julie Gottman, this scientifically-based and empirically-validated approach is a remarkably effective form of therapy that has been proven to provide positive results.  

Mix It Up

Feel free to mix it up. Intensive sessions can be used to jump right into Gottman Method Couples Therapy by scheduling a morning or afternoon in which to complete the assessment process.

In this format each partner will complete the Gottman Relationship Checkup assessment questionnaires prior to the initial meeting. Over the course of five hours, with breaks built in, we will meet first together with both partners and then individually with each partner. Your therapist will use this information to assemble a road map for therapy and together we will co-create a plan targeted toward your unique goals. 

​It might also be helpful during the course of regular weekly or bi-weekly couples therapy to introduce intensive sessions when couples wish to accelerate progress in a certain area, focus deeply on a gridlocked issue or unlock stuck spaces within the therapy. Talk with your therapist to see if this appropriate for you.

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