Certification Track:
Gottman Method Couples Therapy
Consultation and Video Review

The Certification Track is the final step in the process of Gottman Couples Therapy Training and leads toward certification. The Certification Track entails Consultation with a Senior Certified Gottman Therapist and Video Review.

​The Gottman's strongly encourage you to enter the Certification Track immediately after completing the Level 3 Practicum Training and begin working with your Consultant. You will have a maximum of two years to enter the Certification Track following your Level 3 training and a maximum of two years to finish the Certification Track upon entering.

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Consulting Support While You Work On Certification

As a Senior Certified Gottman Therapist and Gottman Consultant, Sinead will guide you in applying GCT with couples in your practice. There will be ample opportunity to ask questions and receive input about all phases of working with couples, from assessment and treatment planning, through selecting and implementing appropriate interventions for each client’s unique needs.

  • Consultants are assigned after the Level 3 Practicum
  • Consultation usually takes place over the phone
  • A minimum of eight hours of individual consultation or twelve hours of group consultation is needed to complete certification requirements, but the Consultant may determine that more consultation is necessary in order for a Consultee to meet Certification requirements
  • The Consultant must review a minimum of three video segments during Consultation
  • Fees for Consultation are additional and will be paid directly to your Consultant
  • There are no continuing education hours available for Consultation

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