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March 6, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by East Bay Relationship Center

Falling in love and establishing a long-term partnership is both exciting and frightening. Because of their inherently emotional nature, many relationships give way to the occasional argument. From misunderstandings to honest mistakes, all types of events can cause couples to experience occasional disputes. But what happens when those disputes seem to become a permanent feature of your relationship?

At East Bay Relationship Center, this is something we can help with so you can work toward healing the relationship and moving forward. As experienced professionals, we’re here help with couples therapy in Alameda and Pleasanton, CA.

When does couples therapy become necessary?

If you and your spouse appear to argue more often than not, it’s a strong sign that something’s amiss in your relationship. It’s often difficult to highlight the exact reason for a sudden decline in relationship satisfaction when you're a part of the relationship. That’s why couples therapy often proves useful for our clients.

In some cases, the need for couples therapy is glaringly obvious. For example, recent experiences of trauma, strains caused by job losses, and infidelity can all result in counseling sessions. As experienced, licensed and associate marriage and family therapists, we can tactfully and discretely help you find a resolution to your relationship troubles.

How does relationship therapy work?

At East Bay Relationship Center, we prefer to take a custom approach to each of our clients. No two couples are the same and neither are their problems. While some couples prefer to attend weekly sessions or workshops, others enjoy our intensive packages where they spend a few hours talking to us each day over a short period.

Depending on why you’re seeking relationship therapy, we may suggest attending individual appointments before asking you to attend the same sessions together. Sometimes our clients feel as though they want to speak privately and honestly with us before working with their spouse. Don’t worry, because this is entirely normal. It often gives each individual a chance to develop the confidence required to express their needs to their partner.

Regardless of how we agree to shape your relationship therapy sessions, rest assured that we’re working toward establishing a positive resolution for both of you. We take an evidence-based approach to help the couples we care for. This involves basing our therapy sessions on the works of the world-renowned relationship expert, John Gottman.

Is couples therapy always effective?

When you’re obsessing over whether you can repair your relationship and stop the fighting, it’s normal to wonder whether relationship therapy is always effective. You may feel as though you have good reasons to leave your relationship, such as infidelity or hidden debts. Wherever possible, we’ll help you remember why you felt passionate about building a life with your spouse or partner in the first place. We’ll also help you determine whether your reasons for wanting to remain in the relationship are justifiable.

In some cases, couples decide that they should go their separate ways and rebuild their lives apart. This can feel incredibly challenging when you have children or shared assets. After many years of assisting couples throughout Pleasanton and Alameda, CA, we’re skilled in helping people create a calmer environment for separating and co-parenting.

Do you offer any other services in Alameda and Pleasanton?

Alongside our relationship therapy sessions, we provide family therapy. Significant life events such as blending families or moving home can have a significant effect on children. With our approach, you can re-establish the unified home you previously enjoyed.

The licensed and associate marriage and family therapists at East Bay Relationship Center also provide individual therapy. We have the professional training and experience required to help you navigate your way through life’s difficulties and tricky emotions. During the course of your treatment, you’ll always benefit from a safe and non-judgmental environment.

If you would like to arrange an appointment for relationship therapy or one of our other services, call 510-748-0640.