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Therapy for Teens: East Bay Relationship Center
October 2, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by East Bay Relationship Center

California's East Bay Relationship Center aims to make therapy for teens accessible and flexible to their needs and circumstances. Growing up is tough. We want to help teens of all backgrounds in coping with any struggles they're experiencing.

Ranging from substance abuse to fights with siblings, our services can accommodate your teenager and any issues they may be facing. Through our programs, we'll help you and your teen build a stronger bond, a better home life, and find solutions and coping methods for their struggles.

Fighting With Parents

Despite how it might seem, no teenager truly enjoys fighting with their parents. Adolescence can be an extremely turbulent time. That being said, arguments that go beyond the occasional door slam may create a toxic environment for your teenager and any other children living in the house.

At East Bay Relationship Center, we want to help you and your teenager develop proper communication techniques. That way, you'll be able to build empathy and understanding of one another and work through your problems more effectively.

While our Family Therapy program specializes in aiding this relationship, sometimes specialized therapy for your teenager may be more conducive to understanding what issues they may be experiencing.

Therapy Built For Every Teen

Developing into an adult, as stated before, can be tumultuous. We underestimate the struggles our teens go through during these years. Because of this, our therapy for teens is inclusive of every issue your teen may be going through. This includes, but isn't limited to:

• Bullying

• Behavioral Difficulties

• Loneliness

• Parental Conflicts

• Sibling Conflicts

No problem is too big or too small for the East Bay Relationship Center. We want to help. Our experienced psychologists are experienced in dealing with the issues ranging from mild to drastically life-changing.

• Teen Pregnancy

• Struggles With Sexual Orientation

• Domestic Abuse

• Sexual Abuse

• Parental Divorce

• Self Harm

• Mental Illness

• Drug Use

• Loss of a Parent or Sibling

• Loss of a Friend

• Suicidal Thoughts

• Eating Disorders

As a parent, you may feel pressure to take on these issues by yourself. However, no parent should expect themselves to have all the answers. It's okay to ask for help. That's exactly what we're here for.

The East Bay Approach

There are several essential factors to the East Bay Relationship Center's approach to teen therapy. One of these factors is making sure your teen feels understood. It's important for them to be listened to, and KNOW that they're being listened to.

Once we have a proper understanding of them and their personal struggles, we can work with them to develop solutions and coping strategies that address both their present and past struggles.

You never have to worry about wasting time or money with us. Our therapy is financially accessible, and we aim for the perfect balance between efficiency and patience. What matters most is that your teen gets the help they need to ensure that they thrive and grow the way they deserve to.

We'll be completely engaged with you, the parent, throughout the process. While it's crucial for us to respect your child's privacy, it's also a priority to us that you remain comfortable and informed regarding your child's status and progress.

Make An Appointment Today

If you'd like to make an appointment or have any questions about our offered programs and services, please don't hesitate to email us at, or call us at 510-748-0640. You can also find us at our two locations:

Alameda Offices, 2515 Santa Clara Ave Ste 210, Alameda, CA 94501
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We hope to hear from you soon.