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Family Therapy: Offering Help Navigating Back to School Anxiety
August 26, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by East Bay Relationship Center
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Therapy of all kinds can help people navigate transitional times. Thankfully the East Bay Relationship Center identifies the changes that come with going back to school, and the anxiety that can come with those changes!

Navigating back to school anxiety can be tough for all of us, whether you're a child entering a new year of elementary or middle school, or a teenager going back to high school or post-secondary education. Back to school stress also includes the parents, whether you're going to school yourself or are feeling anxious about a new schedule!

Why Would You Need Family Therapy?

There are a variety of anxiety-inducing aspects to going back to school. Issues can include:

• Univeristy/Scholarship Applications

• Family Arguments

• School Work

• Business and Disconnecting

• Financial Stress

• Lack of Communication

• Sibling Conflict

• Bullying

Although these are just a few of the many factors that can affect you and your family, it is important to identify which of these are relevant to your dynamic.

A major reason why families seek out this kind of therapy is because of how distant we can feel ourselves becoming from our children as they face new changes and challenges in their lives. A new grade of school, or a new school entirely, means new classes, new people, and so many things that we can't control FOR them.

Communication in your family is what matters most in this case. Making sure that your children are comfortable enough to talk to you about their anxiety surrounding school is obviously crucial to you being able to help them work things out! Therapy is a great place to do that, or at least to start and learn how to continue these conversations.

There's no shame in seeking help. These changes aren't easy for any parent, or any child for that matter. We want to help you along the way!

How Does Family Therapy Work?

When we meet with you, we'll want to have a thorough conversation regarding our therapy methods and course of action for you and your family. However, to develop this course of action, we want to learn more about your family dynamic! That way, we can tailor your therapy experience to what you're comfortable with and what will be the most effective.

Using the Gottman Method Principles of therapy, we're extremely experienced in helping individuals, couples, and families through potentially stressful transitional periods. This includes everything from divorce to adolescence as a whole! Our years of experience mean we can adapt our approach to your family dynamic, and your unique problems, with ease and professionalism.

Worried about what your kids may think of family therapy? We don't blame you. Children may not understand the need for something like family therapy at first, but that doesn't mean they ENJOY arguing, isolating themselves, or something like back to school anxiety. Children need guidance, and when you take a leadership role and bring them to a place in which they feel heard and understood, the whole family will benefit.

No child wants to feel lost in the chaos of so many new changes. When they realize that you're the anchor they can hold onto when facing all of these new challenges, they'll be looking forward to our sessions together!

Make an Appointment Today!

School is starting soon, so don't wait! Make your appointment now for family therapy and ensure that you and your family are able to communicate, concentrate, and feel excited to take on the new school year!

To make an appointment, or to ask any questions you may have about our program, please reach out to us through our email,, or by phone 510-748-0640.

You can also find us at our two California locations in Alameda and Pleasanton.

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