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4 Ways Family Counseling Will Benefit Your Household
April 29, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by East Bay Relationship Center

Families have evolved significantly over the last few decades. Whether you live in a nuclear household, you have a blended family, or you’re hosting several generations under one roof, you’re likely to experience problems at some stage. When it’s no longer possible to navigate those problems from within the family unit, you may need to turn to a professional for advice. That’s why we’re here to show you how our East Bay family counseling center could benefit your household.

You can prepare for a shift in family dynamics

Changes to your household can come in both positive and negative formats. Some positive changes include blending two families, a new baby coming into the fold, or hiring an au-pair or nanny so both parents can work. Negative changes could include divorce, the death of a household member, or a child leaving home for education purposes.

Whether the change you’re facing is positive or negative, the shift in family dynamics can create strains. When this happens, it’s easy for everyone to fall into victim mode without considering how others are feeling. While this is a protective mechanism, it can make everyone else feel worse. By using our East Bay family counseling center, you ensure everyone understands one another’s feelings. This makes navigating shifts in family dynamics easier.

Strengthening relationships becomes possible

Relationships of all natures face strain from time-to-time. A parent-child relationship can become fractious as a child reaches their teenage years and starts to rebel. Couples may face strains following adultery, job changes, or personal traumas. Even siblings aren’t immune to arguments, as when they grow into more independent individuals, they challenge each other more often.

Using our East Bay family counseling center is a reliable way to understand why someone is behaving the way they are. For example, you may find that a spouse or child is becoming distant because of respective problems at work or school. You can also develop methods for expressing feelings in a calm manner. When this happens, there should be fewer arguments, which allows for a more harmonious household.

Children can strengthen their self-esteem at our East Bay family counseling center

Enjoying childhood with a strong sense of self-esteem is central to balanced development. When a child can’t maintain their self-esteem, they may suffer from anxiety throughout their adolescence. This then results in reduced self-esteem as an adult, which can affect their working life and future relationships.

Sometimes the reason for a child having poor self-esteem is obvious. For example, bullying at school, an unresolved trauma, or moving to a new area. At other times, it isn’t obvious. Using family counseling, you can reassure your child that they’re free to talk to you about their problems. They will also learn techniques for working through life’s challenges, with you by their side. The result of this is a boost to their self-esteem, allowing for better childhood development.

The household can become a team again

All family units that exist as a team find it easier to thrive. In order to exist as a team, there needs to be a sense of peace and understanding within your household. When one person experiences trauma or if there are changes to the household, that sense of peace soon loses balance. Peace also involves being prepared to listen to one another’s problems in a non-judgmental manner.

At our East Bay family counseling center, we can help you rediscover that sense of peace again when something disrupts it. This can include working with individual family members to help them express themselves better, helping others develop listening tactics, and creating solid coping mechanisms for everyone in the household.

If you believe family counseling is right for you, come to East Bay Relationship Center. Call us at 510-748-0640 to arrange an appointment.