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3 New Trends in Couples Therapy and How They Can Help Keep a Relationship Together
August 5, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by East Bay Relationship Center
<strong>3 New Trends in Couples Therapy and How They Can Help Keep a Relationship Together</strong>

Couples therapy has a long track record of success in helping individuals in relationships see their roles in healthy ways. It also helps individuals learn how to come to sound decisions about the future. Couples counseling in Pleasanton and elsewhere, however, may see some important changes. 

Generational attitudes, technology, and new techniques will help to change the face of couples therapy. They will also enhance its accessibility and potential for leading to a successful resolution of problems. 

Therapy Carries Much Less Stigma Than in Past Generations

An article from the National Alliance on Mental Illness relates that millennials have an easier time talking about personal problems and mental illness than previous generations did. This has helped to create a culture where many, especially younger people, regard mental illness in much the same way as physical illnesses. Younger people are more likely to discuss problems openly, whether in person or on social media. 

The comfort level in discussing mental health and its treatments leaves people, including couples, more open to using therapy than ever before.

Increasing Use of Therapy for Happy Couples

The medical field has worked diligently to transform the culture regarding physical illness. Experts now preach on the value of preventative care. We go to dentists to clean our teeth to prevent cavities. We go to see physicians for regular physical checkups. Healthy relationships benefit greatly from using couples therapy in the same way.

Issues that create relationship problems do not happen overnight. They start small, germinate, and grow over time. Their significance and threat may not be noticed by those in the relationship. Regular couples therapy “checkups” can reduce the likelihood of major threatening issues emerging. Just like cancer can lurk undetected for years until it endangers physical health, relationship issues can as well. 

Expanded Use of Online Therapy

The medical field, especially in rural areas and with economically challenged patients, has pioneered the use of online tools. VA clinics in rural areas have started using online diagnostic techniques from surveys to streaming virtual doctor visits. They have played a key role in increasing accessibility and reducing patient costs.

Couples therapy patients can benefit from these new innovations as well. Therapists can conduct sessions with patients while they remain at home. Comfortable surroundings may enable patients to open up more quickly. Those of limited means can avoid the cost of transport to the therapist’s office as well. 

Online therapy need not limit itself to live sessions. Therapists can keep track of a relationship’s status by sending regular questionnaires. Answers to these can determine if the couple needs more intensive assistance.

The Future Is Now

We don't need to wait to take advantage of these trends because the future has arrived. Couples therapy has emerged from the shadows of stigma. Not only do these trends serve as a vital tool to work with troubled relationships, they now help to prevent problems in the first place. 

If you currently are in a relationship and need couples counseling in Pleasanton or the surrounding areas, call East Bay Relationship Center today. We will answer any questions about our services and can set up an appointment. 

Your relationship and your happiness deserve it.